Website Educates Queensland on New Traffic Rules

As the project that he apparently embarked upon in the Landmark Education Self-expression and Leadership Programme, Ross Forbes of Kawana, Queensland, has created a website to advise motorists about traffic rule changes. The project was the subject of an article in the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Forbes, who owns an insurance company, surveyed clients and discovers that only 1 in 71 knew of upcoming rule changes, which include a ban on doing u-turns over a single centre line. The website,, also includes safe driving tips and other resources besides the outline of the rules.

Furthermore, Forbes is compiling a list of suggestions that will be submitted to the government, which includes recommended rules exceptions at dangerous intersections. This post on LegalToday outlines the differences between Queensland’s traffic laws and those of other states in Australia.

Forbes says that he sees this as a way that he and his company can contribute positively to the community.

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