Wag Your Tail Appreciates Animals

Rebecca Graham’s Self-Expression and Leadership programme project was recently recognised by the Brisband Newspaper Westside News. Her project, a pet fair event titled ‘Wag Your Tail,” offers an off leash animal play area, dogs for adoption and an opportunity to give donations to the RSPCA.

Go Barking Mad at Pet Fair

EVERY dog, and cat, will have its day at Milton this Saturday.
Pet owners are invited to bring their four-legged friends along to Milton Park for Wag Your Tail.

Event organiser Rebecca Graham said anyone could come to the event to show appreciation to animals for the incredible impact they have on people’s lives.

Children can dress as their favourite animal and pooches can play in the off-leash area.
Ms. Graham created the project while participating in a Landmark Education leadership program.
Part of the coursework was to create a project that benefits the community. Landmark Education is an international training and development company.
“Animal cruelty, abuse and neglect hinder us from living in a peaceful and joyous community,” she said.

“When I was given the opportunity to create a project that would make a difference in the community, I could see what this event would generate for the people of Brisbane; a community united in appreciation of animals, taking a stand for those who have no voice.” There will be marquees and stalls from the RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League (AWL), dogs for adoption, $25 microchipping for your cat or dog and hydrobathing.

Donations of animal food, bedding, toys and litter can be given to the RSPCA and AWL on the day.

Wag Your Tail will be at Milton Park on March 21 from 9.30am to 3pm.

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