The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Birthright Quilt

The Birthright Quilt is a national, community-based initiative to address the unacceptably high infant and maternal mortality of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander mothers and babies.

The Birthright Quilt was initiated by Self Expression and Leadership Program participant Seneka Cohen, mother of two and registered midwife, who says that:”Maternity care is frequently insensitive to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women’s needs and according to the AIHW, for every non-Indigenous mother and baby that dies, there are at least 5 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women and 3 Aboriginal &Torres Strait Islander babies that die.” I started The Birthright Quilt to provide an opportunity for all Australians to express their feelings about the lack of culturally appropriate maternity care available to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women by decorating a quiltsquare that will be sewn together to form a series of unique quilted art pieces.

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See a News report on the project here.


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