Standby Saturday Saves Australians Power

Landmark Forum graduates Sally Radford and Adrian Bertolini have created a program to impact energy conservation and the environment in a novel way–They have taken Standby Saturday 24/7, a program originally designed last year in the UK, to Australia. Standby Saturday 24/7 is designed to raise awareness about standby power waste and reduce energy consumption and emissions.

In Australia, about 11% of all household power used is from standby power–An appliance or device that is on or plugged in but isn’t doing anything. This wastes about a billion dollars and sends about 650 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from Australians alone. Whether it’s a stereo system or game system that is on but not playing, or a microwave sitting there with the light on but not cooking, or a cell phone charger that’s plugged in but not being used–All these things combine to waste a huge amount of energy.

They are reaching out to businesses and students, including school contests with cash prizes for designing Standby Sam and Sally characters and designing the best Standby Saturday campaign. Winners will be announced on Standby Saturday itself, Saturday June 7th, at the Going Green Expo.

To get involved, go to the website of Standby Saturday.

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