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For most people who love shoes and are thinking of their next new pair, we seldom spare a thought for those without any. 


“In Your Shoes” is a program created by Fran Davide in her Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Program, where used shoes are collected for charity. The shoes will be sent to Kids Off The Kerb, a newly formed charity that is using the environmental and recycling platforms to provide sustainable opportunities, such as education, training and employment, for at risk young people. Kids Off The Kerb will then sort and distribute the shoes to local and international charities/markets, where they will go to people less fortunate, allowing them to afford shoes for possibly the first time in their lives. 


“In Your Shoes” has currently been running across schools in Melbourne, was aiming to collect over 10,000 pairs of shoes for Kids Off The Kerb, however, it now looks as though there will be over 20,000 pairs of shoes donated to this program. 


“In Your Shoes” will be a continuing program, which will allow students and organisations to take part anytime of the year. It will most likely be going national as well.

This program was created to help create awareness out there in the community and especially with young children, as shoes are often something that are overlooked and taken for granted.

For more information, check out;

Go on, let others take a turn at walking “In Your Shoes”.

See media articles about this project  here.

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