Project Teaches St. Peters Children Knitting

Rosalyn Vincent of Bentleigh East decided to help teach children to knit as her project in Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership programme. The project was spotlighted in the Moorabin Glen Elra Leader.

Close Knit Community in Bentleigh

by Lisa Edgerton

WHEN the lunch bell rings at St Peter’s Primary School students pull out their knitting needles.

Every Tuesday and Thursday children in the Click Clack Knitting Club learn to knit in their lunch breaks.

Bentleigh East resident Roslyn Vincent, 60, formed the group as part of her Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership course.

One of her assignments was to design a project linked to the wider community and she chose to combine her love of children and knitting.

“I decided it would be a good idea to teach children how to knit and the response has been wonderful,” the Murrumbeena Spinners group member said. “We now have more than 40 children learning to knit or making pom-poms each lesson.”

“I am really passionate about knitting so it’s fantastic to be able to pass this on to the children and watch them develop their skills.”

Co-ordinator Joan Carrazzo said the school welcomed the project and would continue with it in future.

“It was a great idea as it teaches the children many cognitive skills and takes them back to basics while exploring their creative sides,” Mrs Carrazzo said.

The students have knitted squares for a large blanket for a victim of the Black Saturday bushfires. This comes at a time where it has been proven that crafting is good for mental health (more info on this on SelfAvenue).

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