Health and Wellness Seminar, Green Angel Foundation, Promote Natural Foods

Matt Smith’s project in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program is a seminar that educates people about the health and healing properties of natural, whole, locally grown foods.

The event is being hosted by Smith and seven other raw and whole food nutritionists, and features talks on raw foods, coconuts, sprouts, chocolate and even breastfeeding snacks. It is taking place on Sunday, June 23rd at Gecko Hall in Currumbin, from 1-4 pm (a $20 donation is requested for attendance).

Smith has founded the Green Angel Foundation to put on the event and to offer those in hospitals or old age care a meal delivery service to bring healthy, green foods to them.

The event, titled “Foods Can Heal – Inspirational Seminar”, which feature six twenty minute talks followed by a Q&A session. Raw whole foods will be on offer at the event as well.

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