Dreams Come With The Ability to Achieve Them!

I had ideas, I had creativity, I had big plans, but it didn’t mean anything because I had no idea how I was going to make it all possible… it was all too hard!

I was coming from a very confused space, not knowing whether I was good enough to do what it was I really wanted to do. There would always be an excuse or someone that would cause me to believe it just wasn’t possible.


Before I knew it I was seeing new visions and openings that was causing me to think BIG! I was believing in myself that anything was really possible. I became unstoppable in my way of thinking!!!


A really big thing that stood out for me was the way I was being and who I was being for others surrounding me; it was such a huge reflection on my staff at work. I had so much power that I wasn’t using to my potential. I could be direct because I could be direct, so I was. This caused things to be so much easier that the stress was peeling off me and I had more time for other things that needed to be done.


I came to the realization my job was great and I love the industry I’m in but I felt something just wasn’t right for me… I had no control or say in the business and even after trying so hard I realized I needed to make a stand for myself and my communities to go out there and start causing as many transformations as possible. I needed something BIGGER! My own business venture I had been planning in my head for so long…


So I took the plunge and resigned from my position at a big commercial company to go on my own business venture, without knowing what the outcome could be. I knew it was the right decision to make. I know my commitment to my business is something I will not give up on no matter what it takes. There is a strong support network around me – people making me accountable each and every day. I have given up the risk of ‘failure’ and if something does fail at least I know I gave it everything I’ve got, and with what I now have it’s going to be incredibly hard to fail! So why not give it a go?!


So here I am now just over two weeks out of my official last day of being employed and already have a PA (Personal Assistant/Manager) working for me for free; business cards designed and made with only the cost for them to be made up (design was done with the help of a few different people playing around with it). I’ve also been given ‘free’ water bottles to hand out to clients or potential clients. I have a very experienced business owner helping to find a prime location and negotiate the deal for the business. In the mean time I’m working out of a great location at a good price. I have a fantastic mentor keeping me on track and ensuring I’m in action constantly. My website is waiting for me to start creating; a domain name has been set up and is ready to go with people around me offering their help for very reasonable prices to their experience. I don’t even have to pay any house rent at the moment. My PA/Manager has been in action every day for so many weeks now it amazes me how much she does each day/week and still manages to juggle three kids, a husband and her own business venture. All this help and support came from who I was being and enrolling people in what was possible.

I am so relaxed, happy, stress free and confident in myself and business, I believe it’s all just a matter of time until my business venture is a success. I would sincerely say none of this would have ever been possible, and especially so fast, if it wasn’t for Landmark Education – SELP Program to make me realize I just needed to look around myself and communicate with the people in my life in such a way that they are touched, moved and inspired by my causing then just going for it!!! Not forgetting ALL the amazing people I have met and learnt so much from in the program and education, it’s really AMAZING! Words couldn’t explain, they just GET IT!!!GO OUT THERE & JUST DO IT!!! TEAM (Together, Everyone, Achieves, More)  Nil Desperandum – Means NEVER GIVE UP!DREAMS COME WITH THE ABILITY TO ACHIEVE THEM!!!Jayden Edge

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