Community Rebuilds House for Sick Children

One man’s project from a Landmark Education leadership programme has led to the entire community of Williamstown getting involved in rebuilding the local Ronald McDonald house, a home away from home for sick children.

According to a story in the Hobson Bay Leader, the local Williamstown Rotary Club has so far donated more than $100,000 worth of services for the refurbishment of the house. Phillip Sidebottom, the Landmark graduate who inititated the project, is extremely thrilled at how the community has taken the project and run with it.

“I’m stting at my desk grinning like a Cheshire cat,” he said. “It’s finally happening.”

One member of the rotary club, Dr. Ronnie Goldberg, successfully took on getting $30,000 worth of timber for the construction. The next need is for funds to cover an automatic roof system worth $15,000. More information about the work being done at Ronald McDonald House is available by calling them at 9345 6320.

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